Principal Activities

ACPSEM collaborates with various national and international bodies including;



ACPSEM has collaborated with the BOA and UK Sport to produce a national education framework that is appropriate for the range of the membership. The framework allows the member a graduated pathway for career development as a Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist. To facilitate this pathway specialised courses and a mentoring network have been developed.

Collaboration with the IFSP on a European Union Leonardo Da Vinci Funded Project resulted in the development of Sports Physiotherapy Competencies. These have been adopted worldwide as a Gold Standard for Sports Physiotherapy of which our Gold CPD is recognised.

Other areas of involvement include;

  • the development of various MSc courses in the UK 
  • modifying the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s ‘Standards of Physiotherapy Practice in Sports Medicine’ so that they apply more specifically to working in the sporting environment.
  • development of clinical guidelines for the early management of soft tissue injuries followign an extensive review of the literature

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