Gold - Roll of Honour

Surname Forename County ACPSM Region Date of Achievement
Anderson Graham Greater London London  2007
Arnold Liz Berkshire South  2016
Ashworth Ben Surrey South East  
Becker Caryl Buckinghamshire South  2006
Blanchard Sam East Sussex South  2016
Bryan Sarah Avon South West  2007
Brett Adam Gloucester South West  2011
Clarke Eric Hertfordshire East  2009
Collinge Richard Greater London London  2010
Combarro Nicki Hertfordshire East  2006
Deary Clare East Sussex South  
Downey  Brian West Glamorgan South Wales  2007
Eaton Cliff Leicestershire Midlands  2005
Edwards Barry Somerset South West  2008
Fawcett Louise West Midlands Midlands  2008
Godfrey Paul Leicester  Midlands  2009
George Angela Essex East  2015
Glover Michael Greater London London  
Graham Keith Somerset South West  2009
Griffin Stephen Avon South West  
Griffiths Hywel South Glamorgan South Wales  2006
Hartley John Staffordshire Midlands  2014
Harries (Knott) Sian South Glamorgan South Wales  2006
Hollinworth Ross Nottinghamshire Midlands  2007
Horsley Ian South Yorkshire Yorks & Humb  2006
Indergaard Ove West Yorkshire Yorks & Humb  2008
Jones Robert South Glamorgan South Wales  2007
Kamal Beenish London London  2014
Kellett Cris Hertfordshire East  2009
Kemp Steve Cheshire North West  
Kerry Lisa Berkshire South  2007
Leaver Andy Avon South West  2006
Lee Matt Northamptonshire Midlands  
Maclellan David Devon South West  
Macutkiewicz Penny Northumberland North  2011
Masaya Harkema Tambu Hertfordshire South  2014
McGinley Paul Midlothian Scotland  2006
Mew Rosie Greater London London  2008
Miles John Middlesex London  2006
Pask Phil Northamptonshire Midlands  2006
Paterson Colin Dorset South West  2006
Paterson Stuart Stirlingshire Scotland  2007
Pearce Julie Hertfordshire East  2008
Phillips Nicki Mid Glamorgan Wales  2006
Ranson Craig Leicestershire Midlands  2007
Robinson Liam  Lancashire North West  2016
Sayers Fionnuala County Antrim N Ireland  2006
Scott Isla Isle of Man North West  2013
Sheeran Liba Mid Glamorgan Wales  2006
Shepard Simon Hertfordshire East  
Simmonds Claire Avon South West  2011
Thawley Paul Buckinghamshire South  2009
Thompson Rone Leicestershire South East  2015
Tilley Nigel Hampshire South East  2016
Tomkies Catherine Oxfordshire South  2008
Tubby Sandra Essex East  2006
Turner Gordon Durham North  2006
Williamson Paul Staffordshire Midlands  2015
Zielina Cox Kasia North Yorkshire Yorks & Humb