The ACPSEM CPD pathway provides a road map to help sports physiotherapists to plan, implement and reflect upon their learning. 

The pathway is a benefit of ACPSEM membership and those wishing to download the CPD pathway documentation should log into the website first and then revisit these CPD pages to access the forms.


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CPD in general - FAQs 

Who does CPD apply to?


Physiotherapists and physiotherapy support workers must be:


  • actively engaged in CPD
  • documenting and evidencing your CPD
  • applying learning from CPD to your practice


- to maintain and enhance their professionalism and competence.


Student physiotherapists must:


  • understand the principles of CPD
  • begin to collect evidence of learning from your CPD
  • continue the process once you have qualified


Why do I need to know about and undertake CPD?

Quality, accountability and effective practice demand that you demonstrate that you are keeping up to date with new knowledge, techniques and developments related to your practice.

A number of factors affect the CPD agenda for physiotherapy practitioners:


How do I manage and demonstrate my CPD?

You will need to:

  • take a systematic approach to your CPD
  • undertake CPD activities appropriate to meeting identified learning needs
  • capture your learning from these activities in an appropriate way and store it in a portfolio of evidence
  • consider how what you have learned will impact on your practice


Why should I do the ACPSEM CPD Pathway?
Aligned to the International Federation of Sports Phyiscal Therapists competencies, therapists who achieve Gold Level can apply to IFSPT for international recognition.Evermore, employers are using the CPD levels as essential criteria on their job descriptions to ensure that they can be confident in the physiotherapists sporting experience. With more competition in the marketplace from other sports practitioners, the Pathway can add value to your professional credibility. 

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How was the CPD Pathway developed?
Consultation between ACPSEM, UK Sport, the BOA and several National Governing Bodies resulted in the CPD Pathway. The Pathway should be used in addition to with the CSP CPD portfolio scheme (2001)


Who is eligible to apply?
The CPD pathway is a benefit of ACPSEM membership and those wishing to embark on the pathway must be members right from the beginning, not just at the point of submission. Physiotherapists with a pre-registration qualification in Physiotherapy are eligible to apply. Members who joined the CSP via the Grand-parenting clause and who wish to undertake the CPD Pathway, should first contact Nicki Combarro, the CPD Coordinator, for more information regarding their application process as it differs from members who hold a pre-registration Physiotherapy qualification.