Mentoring & Shadowing FAQs

How do I find a mentor for the CPD pathway?
There are many avenues to explore when searching for a mentor and you should be the driving force behind this. It is your mentor, your mentoring relationship at stake.

physios in sport resources that can help you include;

  • the website ‘Find a Physio’ search function
  • the Roll of Honour
  • your Regional Representative can also help  
  • you could place a posting on our iCSP sports medicine network and the physios in sport facebook page.

Ideally, you should identify your learning needs and areas of interest before you search for a mentor, to ensure you achieve a good fit.

Does my mentor have to be a member of physios in sport?
No, you may have a mentor who is a non-member. We recommend however, that whomever you choose, they should have a thorough understanding of the pathway and be able to guide you with developing your critical thinking skills.

Does my mentor have to be at a higher pathway level than me?
No, someone who has the same level as you may mentor you. Ideally, he / she should be more experience than you to best help you to develop.

Can I have more than one mentor?
Yes, it is often of great benefit to have more than one mentor to avail of different viewpoints and experiences.

Do I have to meet with my mentor regularly?
No, some people have a remote relationship with their mentor. You should agree a plan with your mentor, which could include face-to-face meetings, or communication via email, phone or video call. It is totally up to you to develop the relationship to best suit your circumstances.

Does my mentor have to review my application before I submit it?
Yes, we would like your mentor to review your application before submission. This is to maximise your chance of achieving the level you hope for. It also ensures that mentors are actively involved in the application process.


What does shadowing mean?
Shadowing means that you worked in conjunction with another sports physiotherapist.

Who can I shadow?
You can shadow anyone who works in sport. Shadowing hours can include clinic-based hours but there should also be field of play type experience demonstrated.

How many shadowing hours do I need?
Everybody needs to demonstrate at least 100 hours of shadowing hours regardless of which level is being applied for.