CPD Pathway

CPD Pathway FAQs

Why is there a CPD Pathway?
The Health and Care Professions Council has made it mandatory for Physiotherapists to keep a record of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). It conducts random checks on a sample of the membership each year. A recognisable path of professional development and life-long learning will help Physiotherapists working in sport, to provide evidence of ongoing CPD.


Why should I do the CPD Pathway?
The physios in sport accreditation levels are internationally recognised by the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapists, the British Olympic Association and Sports National Governing Bodies. Evermore, employers are using the CPD levels as essential criteria on their job descriptions to ensure that they can be confident in the physiotherapists sporting experience. With more competition in the marketplace from other sports practitioners, the Pathway can add value to your professional credibility.


How was the CPD Pathway developed?
Consultation between physios in sport, UK Sport, the BOA and several National Governing Bodies resulted in the CPD Pathway. The Pathway should be used in addition to with the CSP CPD portfolio scheme (2001)


Who is eligible to apply?
Physiotherapists with a pre-registration qualification in Physiotherapy are eligible to apply. Members who joined the CSP via the Grand-parenting clause and who wish to undertake the CPD Pathway, should first contact Nicki Combarro, the CPD Coordinator, for more information regarding their application process as it differs from members who hold a pre-registration Physiotherapy qualification.


Do I have to be a member of physios in sport to apply?
Yes, applicants must be current members.

How much does it cost to apply?

Bronze £25 | Silver £35 | Gold £45

If your application is unsuccessful and you reapply with amendments the fee is £15. 

These fees go towards the administration costs and processing of your application. Cheques should be made payable to ACPSEM and sent to Nicki Combarro at Fairview, 104 High Street, Walkern, Stevenage SG2 7PG.  Alternatively, you can pay via the shop  on this website.

Applications will not be assessed until the monies have been received.

How do I start working my way through the CPD Pathway?
This process is easy to do, however needs to be completed on the application form (no appendices) only and then emailed to Nicki Combarro nickicombarro@hotmail.com


Follow these easy steps:

  1. Read the guidelines below for Levels 1- 3
  2. Download the physios in sport CPD pathway application form here
  3. Complete the application form on your computer; paper copies cannot be accepted. All information must be submitted using the CPD application form and attachments and CVs submitted separately will not be considered in the review process.
  4. Provide as much information as possible. Remember that you are supposed to demonstrate experiential learning by showing how courses and critical incidences have altered your clinical practice. Link your reflections and critical incidences with your sports specific CPD plan.
  5. Demonstrate clearly your 100 hours (minimum) shadowing experience and the relevant number of hours of experiential learning. You may not count the same work twice.
  6. Ensure that you involve your mentor fully in the process. Your mentor will guide you and should ‘sign-off’ that they are happy with your application before you submit. Failed applications could often be avoided had the applicant consulted more fully with his / her mentor.
  7. Make your payment via the shop or cheque
  8. Completed forms should be emailed to Nicki Combarro (CPD Co-ordinator) nickicombarro@physiosinsport.org & nickicombarro@hotmail.com


Can I reapply if I am unsuccessful the first time?
Yes, you will be guided in your feedback as to how long the reviewers think you should wait before re-submitting your application.


Is there a time frame before I can re-apply?
Yes, and No. If you do not receive the award level you hoped for, your feedback should include some guidance as to when you should reapply.

If you did achieve the level you applied for, you should expect to wait at least two years between bronze and silver, and silver and gold levels.


How long will it take to get a response to my application?
The target for turnaround from application to feedback is three months. In exceptional circumstances, such as during the period of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and Commonwealth Games the turnaround may be slightly longer, due to the review panel members involvement in these events.


Who will review my application?
There are currently seven members on the CPD Review Panel, two of whom will review your application. All are currently, or have previously worked in High-Performance sport, hold Masters degrees and are physios in sport Gold Level Accredited Physiotherapists. At least two of the panel reviews each application. Where there is disagreement, a third member also reviews the application. The CPD Pathway Coordinator, Nicki Combarro, oversees the process and ensures internal consistency.


How will I receive feedback on a failed application?
You will receive an email from the CPD Pathway Coordinator, Nicki Combarro, explaining the overall outcome of your application and specific detail on each section that needs more development. You will be offered a phone call follow up with one of the reviewers, to be undertaken within a month of receiving your written feedback. This is your opportunity to gain greater clarity on the areas you need to work on.


How will I receive feedback on a successful application?
You will receive an email from the CPD Pathway Coordinator, Nicki Combarro, explaining the overall outcome of your application and any recommendations of areas in need of development for the next level. You will receive a certificate of your award by post.


Can I appeal?
There is no formal appeal process in place. If you would like to receive more detailed feedback than the initial response email, you can request a phone call follow up. This must be undertaken within the first month of receiving your email feedback.


Will my name appear on the Roll of Honour?
It is assumed that you agree for your name to appear on the Roll of Honour and on a social media announcement. If you do not wish to be listed on the Roll, please advise the CPD Pathway Coordinator, Nicki Combarro. If your membership lapses your name will be taken down from the roll of honour.

If your membership lapses and you do not rejoin within three months, your name will be removed from the Roll of Honour.


Ready to Join?

Annual Membership Rates

Full membership £55.00 (3 journals)

Support Worker membership £55.00 (3 journals)

Student membership £21.00 (1 journal)

Retired membership £21.00 (1 journal)

Please note, student and retired members do not have voting rights or receive BJSM or PTiS journals online, however, all other conditions are comparable with full and support worker memberships.