ACPSEM membership benefits 



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ACPSEM member discounts






For your members discount page we can offer 12% discount for members or up to 30% discount for Account holders.

£50 off 2 day running injuries courses 

Selected offers on electrotherapy equipment 




10% off tape products and the squid

compression system


10% discount on tools and courses

50% discount on opti refractometer

10% discount for members

10% discount code = ACPSEM14



25% discount on PRICE guidelines

10% discount for members


15%-35% discounts



Members rates are offered at

RSM sports and exercise medicine events


Free trial for members 


15% discount 


Physiotherapy UK 2015 10% discount for members.

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10% discount




10% discount


20% discount 



20% off courses 


10% discount (Ts&Cs apply)