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  • Junior Academy Physiotherapist - Saracens RFC - Closing 12th May

    An exciting opportunity has become available to join the physiotherapy department at Saracens RFC. We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic and motivated physiotherapist to manage our junior academy players aged 15-18.

    The successful candidate must be reliable and professional; they will work at both the training ground and off site, providing assessment and treatment to selected players. They will need to demonstrate excellent communication skills to collaborate with other health care professionals and coaches involved with the academy pathway. The position is overseen by the senior academy physiotherapist and support and opportunities are readily available for one to one sessions and to attend regular in-service training in helping to assist their development and meet their needs.

    Key Responsibilities:

    Provide evidence based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation programmes for injured academy players.

    Organise and manage a patient caseload enabling weekly contacts with England Academy Players.

    Provide pitch side medical care for all academy games including camps and tours.

    Liaise and communicate effectively with all key stake holders involved in the management/rehabilitation of a player and their injuries.

    Report back weekly to Academy staff with updates on all injured players.

    Audit and assess injury data to drive change within the programme especially in respect to injury prevention and athletic development.

    Ability to work irregular, unsociable and flexible hours including evenings and weekends.

    Essential Attributes:

    BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy.

    Member of CSP and HCPC physiotherapy registration.

    UK driving licence.

    Good communication and interaction skills.


    Minimum of 2 years qualified.

    Previous experience working in the sport environment.

    Valid Immediate Care in Sport Qualification.

    Previous experience of working within a multi-disciplinary team environment.

    Salary: £25000 per annum

    Location: Saracens Training Ground, 160 Harpenden Road, St. Albans, AL3 6BB

    Application CV and cover letter to be emailed to:

    Interview Dates: 17th/18th May 2017

  • Senior academy physiotherapist - Swindon Town - Closing 10th May

    Job Description

    Swindon Town FC seek a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual to work with the Under 18 squad on a full time basis providing all aspects of their medical care and provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the Under 9-16s squads. The successful candidate will have work closely with the first team physiotherapist and the rest of the academy medical team to ensure that all aspects of the EPPP (Elite Player Performance Plan) are met.

    Candidates must be flexible and be willing to work evenings and weekends. They should be competent in IT and an excellent communicator. The successful candidate will have to manage their own case load and implement injury screening and prevention plans.


    Chartered Physiotherapist and must be registered with the HCPC

    Experience of working with elite adolescent sport

    Pitch side first aid qualification

    Experience of working pitch side in sport

    How to apply

    Please send a covering letter, no longer than one page outlining how your experiences qualify you for this job. Also, attach a CV no longer than two pages. Please send you application to The subject line should read Senior Academy Physiotherapist vacancy.

    Salary: To be discussed at the interview

    Contract type: (Full time)

  • Lead Academy Physiotherapist - Scarlets Rugby - Closing 7th May

    Scarlets Rugby has a proud tradition and worldwide reputation. Scarlets Regional Ltd are looking to recruit a Lead Academy Physiotherapist to join their medical team for the 2017/18 season.

    The Role:

    The successful candidate has an important role in developing the next generation of Scarlets Rugby and International players. You will integrate in to the Scarlets Performance team to deliver first class physiotherapy provision to all Scarlets Rugby Development and Academy pathway players.  You will be highly motivated, demonstrating passion and ambition in the field of Sports Physiotherapy. As an important member of the medical team, you will possess the ability to consistently deliver a high standard of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation in what is often a high-pressured environment. Efficient time management skills and the ability to manage your learning needs will be important. You will show leadership in contributing to injury prevention strategies and perform as an effective member of the interdisciplinary team.

    Being accountable to the Head Physiotherapist, the role will be based at Parc Y Scarlets, Llanelli and may include travel to training matches throughout the UK and Europe.


    As part of the medical team provide evidence based physiotherapy provision to all Scarlets Rugby Development and Academy pathway players

    Collaboratively ensure long term athlete development strategies are implemented

    Manage age grade physiotherapists providing medical provision to Scarlets Academy pathway players

    Coordinate and ensure the implementation of Welsh Rugby Union Minimum Medical Standards of Care at all Scarlets Academy and Age Grade training sessions and matches

    Contribute to the injury prevention strategy of Scarlets Rugby, including carrying out musculoskeletal screening and injury prevention profiling

    Deliver education on topics including concussion and anti-doping to all Scarlets Academy pathway players

    Provide medical provision at Scarlets Rugby / Academy training and matches nationwide and throughout Europe as required

    Work closely with Scarlets Academy coaches and other support staff to maximise player availability

    Maintain accurate medical records using the Welsh Rugby Union communication system and in line with the guidance set by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

    Respect the right to medical confidentiality and maintain the highest levels of ethical practice

    Promotion of anti-doping and fair play at all times

    Ensure the safe guarding of Scarlets Academy and Age Grade players at all times

    Contribute to regular performance team reviews

    Be forthcoming with ideas on service development, research and innovation

    On-going evidenced continuous professional development and willingness to contribute to departmental education delivery and supervision of junior members of staff

    Key Attributes


    BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

    Member of CSP and HCPC physiotherapy registration

    Proven experience in high performance sport setting

    Ability to work with team sport athletes

    Ability to work as part of an interdisciplinary team to contribute positively to the development of Scarlets Academy players


    Evidence of post-graduate study

    Experience in professional rugby union

    Valid Immediate Care In Sport Level 3 Qualification

    We are looking for a hard working individual to make a positive impact to Scarlets Rugby. Showing ambition and commitment the successful candidate will become a valued member of the experienced medical team at Scarlets Rugby.

    Salary: £25000 per annum

    Location: Parc Y Scarlets, Llanelli

    Contract Type: Full time fixed term position

    Interview Date: Anticipated week beginning 22nd  May 2017

    To apply for this exciting opportunity, please outline why you believe you are most suitable by forwarding on a covering letter and CV to

    Please mark the subject as Lead Academy Physiotherapist Vacancy.

  • Lead Academy Physiotherapist - Peterborough United Football Club - Closing 5th May

    An exciting opportunity has arisen to join Peterborough United Football Club as a Lead Academy Physiotherapist for the start of the 2017/2018 season.

    The role will be based at the Mick George Training Academy, delivering medical support to our Academy players from U9-U21.

    Specific Responsibilities:

    Providing and organising medical cover for all training sessions and games, across all ages within the academy
    Match day cover for U18 Squad
    Extensive design and delivery of the Academy medical programme which will include, injury prevention, medical screening, player rehab, return to play protocols, and pre and post-match treatment
    Management and maintenance of player maintenance tools including PMA and medical databases
    Ensure continuity of medical provision across all phases within the Academy
    Support and mentoring of medical intern staff, including CPD programmes
    Close work with Academy Sports Science team and Academy Technical coaches


    MCSP/HCPC registered
    Minimum 1 years Musculoskeletal/Sports injury clinic experience
    Experience in the rehabilitation of sports injuries in line with return to play protocols
    Flexible approach to working hours
    Good communication and interpersonal skills
    Be trustworthy and adhere to the club’s code of conduct and values
    Work with enthusiasm to help grow and develop the Academy Medicine programme


    Experience of working within a professional football club academy
    Knowledge and understanding of FA and Football League rules relating to player development (EPPP)
    FA IFAS or AREA Qualification
    Experience using PMA

    Hours: 37.5 hours per week

    Interview Date: Week Commencing 08/05/2017

    If interested in the role, please send a CV and cover letter to Head of Academy Sports Science and Medicine;

  • Blog: Using strength and conditioning in Physiotherapy by Emily Drakes

    My interest in strength and conditioning started after watching an evening lecture from Raphael Brandon. I was intrigued by the theory behind exercise prescription. Also, physiotherapy seems to be moving more and more towards exercise as the mainstay of treatment, as seen in the recent NICE guidelines for low back pain1, so this seemed like the right path to follow.

    For those of you lucky enough to work with S&C coaches you will have them on hand to guide exercise prescription. However for most of us working in physiotherapy teams, having more of an S&C background can offer valuable insight into the best way to strengthen and prepare a patient for their activities whether that is a seasoned marathon runner or a stay at home parent with children to carry.

    It has been refreshing in learning about S&C to put injuries to one side and focus on the most effective way to plan an exercise programme. Many physiotherapist’s are preoccupied with making an exercise look like the movement or sport they are trying to rehabilitate their patient to i.e. giving a patient who plays football a ball to use in an exercise. However when if you break down the amount of time a footballer spends with a ball over 90mins it amounts to 90s2! The rest of the time is spent running, changing direction and jostling for the ball. Obviously a lot of the time a footballer is training involves a ball but unless you break it down in to the components of a skill you have no overload. This is what S&C essentially comes down to, ensuring specific adaptations to imposed demands. We need to understand the way a force is developed in the sport/activity we are interested in and in the exercise we are choosing to prescribe to get the desired outcome.

    There are some general principles that I now use daily that are key to exercise prescription. Firstly a needs analysis, which is something we all do to some extent but it formalises the process of deciding where a person is dysfunctional for the activity they are struggling with. The diagram below outlines this:

    Once you’ve specified the activity and what one would need to perform that successfully/pain free then you would look at the gap between the person in front of you vs. the ideal attributes they need. Once you know this, targeting their exercise should be much easier.

    The needs analysis and the selection of exercises both incorporate the principle of dynamic correspondence described by Siff and Verkoshansky3. This is a guide on the different aspects of the activity to consider and how the exercise you are choosing will correlate to it.

    Unless you are doing the exercise itself i.e. kicking a ball you are not going to be 100% specific, however as discussed above in order to overload the components you need to break it down into parts. We will use the example of squatting and sprint ability in football:





    There are 5 key aspects to consider:

    Amplitude and direction of movement

    This is the most familiar principle in that we are looking at the direction of force relative to the performed movement.

    The squat does not look like a sprint however the lower limb movement of the hip, knee and ankle triple extension on the ascent on the squat is similar.

    The transmission of force from a flexed position to full extension in the squat is similar to the explosive action a footballer will need to perform when starting to sprint.

    Rate and time of peak force production

    The peak rate of force production of a footballer sprinting is within 100 – 200 ms4 and for a squat is 300ms5 therefore it may not be as fast as it needs to be, however you may choose to use a lighter load at performed at maximum speed to improve this. It has been seen that 40-50% of 1RM achieves peak velocity and power in a squat.

    Dynamics of effort (whether a concentric max effort or eccentric slow effort is desired for each lift)

    The training stimulus and effort needs to be greater than the sporting skill or activity we are training for, which in a heavy weighted squat certainly would be for sprinting over 30m. Peak power for the concentric phase of a squat is 4000W5 and for sprinting it’s 1200W4 in the propulsion phase.

    Accentuated region of force development (Joint angle specificity)

    The squat will yield a greater range of movement than the sprinting motion. This means that you are overloading the skill by creating greater strength in a larger range of movement. Based on research football players accelerating the knee angle averages at 89 degrees6, correlates well with a parallel squat (90 degrees).

    Regime of muscular work (Type of muscle action)

    For a squat the initial phase is eccentric action of the quadriceps and glutes then concentric extension on the ascent of the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. In a sprint the initial movement to overcome inertia is concentric which corresponds with the ascent phase of the squat. The top speed running of a footballer will involve the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps moving from concentric to eccentric muscle action, as does the squat7.

    The greater power needed through the triple extension phase of the squat achieves greater motor recruitment which is thought to be one of the reasons a squat correlates so well with sprint speed in soccer players as the athlete is able to use more of the motor units to generate max speed8.

    This was a brief illustration of how strength and conditioning principles can be used to look deeper into the activity or sport you are looking to achieve with a patient. It has certainly highlighted to me over my degree so far that there is a lot more to train than what a movement looks like which can help you prepare your patient or athlete in a more well rounded way for their sport.


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    Emily Drakes, ACPSEM Physio

  • Sports Rehabilitator - Derby County Academy FC - Closing 21st April

    Derby County Academy FC are looking to appoint a qualified Sports Rehabilitator to join our Medical team at our first-class training facility in Derby.

    The Sports Rehabilitator will work collaboratively with the Academy Physiotherapists and Strength & Conditioning Coaches to develop and deliver an injury prevention and rehabilitation programme. The ideal candidate will be proactive, solution-focused, and committed to working with the wider medical team to provide an integrated approach to performance enhancement.

    Essential Qualifications and Experience:

    Degree (or equivalent) in Sports Science and;Degree (or equivalent) in Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy

    Previous experience of treatment and management of MSK sports injuries

    Previous experience in providing Strength and Conditioning support to players, athletes or coaches to improve performance

    Experience in developing, implementing and evaluating strength and conditioning programmes

    Knowledge of and ability to construct strength, power and endurance based training programmes, both gym and field based

    Knowledge of and ability to coach and integrate football skills and techniques into strength and conditioning sessions where deemed appropriate

    Ability to implement innovative ideas, problem solve, make decisions and work under pressure within strict time-frames

    Good IT skills with the ability to effectively use computer based programmes to fulfil the role

    Recent and relevant experience in a professional sports performance environment

    Salary £20,000 to £22,000 per annum depending on experience

    To apply for this role, please send a copy of your CV with a covering letter to: The HR Department, Derby County Football Club, Pride Park Stadium, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8XL or by e-mail to further details of the job specification, please email

    The closing date for receipt of applications is midday on Friday 21st April 2017. We reserve the right to close the vacancy early. No agencies please.

    Derby County Football Club acknowledges and accepts that it has a responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of children and young people who are under the club's care or using the club's facilities.

    As part of the club's commitment to providing a safe environment for children and young people, applicants should be aware that they will be required to apply for an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Criminal Record Check (CRC) as part of the recruitment process.

    Derby County Football Club is an Inclusive Club for all and is committed to Equality and Diversity.

  • Physiotherapist - The UFIT Clinic - Singapore - Closing 1st Ocober

    The UFIT Clinic has an exciting opportunity for an experienced physiotherapist to join our highly professional team. This is for a full time position, at our CBD based clinic here in Singapore.

    We are a busy and well established clinic (especially within the sports and exercise community), with a reputation for excellence and passion in both patient care and approach to our work. Our caseload is overwhelmingly MSK with a strong sports-injury focus, although we do also see a large amount of spinal care and post-op patients as well.

    The ideal Physiotherapist will be self-motivated, hardworking and professional, with a commitment to providing evidence led practice.

    Applicants must be qualified for at least three years, have a background in MSK and have experience with working with sports teams. We offer bi-monthly CPD and offer a yearly allowance for external courses.

    Salary is very competitive and is structured with a base and commission.

    Ideally we are looking for the following -

    Qualification and registration as a chartered physiotherapist

    HCPC and CSP registration

    Qualifications from one of the following institutions:

    Cardiff, Glasgow Caledonian, King’s College, Manchester Met, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Queen Margaret, Teesside, Nottingham, Birmingham, Brighton, East London, St George’s, Salford, Southampton. This is to avoid sitting an entrance exam with the Allied Health Professions Council in Singapore. See link

    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude

    Experience treating MSK conditions and sports injuries

    All shortlisted applicants will have to go through a Skype interview to explain the role and potential move to Singapore in further detail.

    Please email all CV’s to &

  • Physiotherapist - AASE Basketball - Closing 1st May

    An exciting opportunity has arisen for a physiotherapist to join the sport science support team of Itchen College men's and women's basketball teams. The College basketball programme is part of the AASE (Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence) supported by England Basketball. As part of this your role will provide clinic support working along side an Strength and Conditioning coach to provide an innovated approach to injury prevention and injury management. The role also has responsibilities surrounding injury audit, injury screening and opportunities for attending the England Basketball CPD day.

    This is a really good part time role for a junior level qualified physiotherapist looking to get great hands on experience working in a exciting team environment of the college, around other full time or part time work. The S+C sessions are on monday's (4pm-6pm) and Thursday's (7am-9am) and only 1x 2 hour physiotherapy on site session a week is required at £25 an hour. Ideally cross over between the coach and S+C practitioner during these gym sessions is ideal but there is flexibility for the right candiate around other commitments.

    For further information please contact  head Coach Matt Guymon ( The start date for this post is the week of monday 4 September 2017.

    Other info on the programme can be seen at

  • Part-Time Physiotherapist - Athletics - Closing 30th April

    Momentum Sports is an athletics coaching company that has been in existence for 17 years.

    We are looking for a motivated experienced sports physiotherapist, ideally with a background in athletics or elite sport, to continue the rapid expansion we have experienced in the last few years, to work at Kingsmeadow Stadium in Kingston-upon-Thames with our group of experienced athletes.

    The successful applicant will be working with all the athletes we currently coach, with particular concentration on the most elite ones - with, where possible, the emphasis being on the prevention of future injuries, as opposed to treating athletes after they've become injured. This involves working within a team of coaches, sports masseurs and athletes to try to ensure the best possible outcomes and elite level performances.

    Generally, the sessions take place on a Tuesday and Thursday evening (6.30 - 8.30) - but there is scope for more hours work in the course of the week as we continue to grow.

    Pay will be based upon experience and further qualifications. If you require more information, please just ask.

    This is an opportunity to work with some very dedicated athletes in the sporting arena with a team of highly experienced athletics coaches.

    Job Type: Part-time

    To apply please send your CV to

  • Physiotherapist - Boathouse Physiotherapy Ltd, Berkshire - Closing 30th April

    Boathouse Physiotherapy Ltd has an opportunity for an experienced self-employed physiotherapist to join our highly professional and very busy team for 3 days per week in the lovely riverside setting of Pangbourne Berkshire

    We are a busy well established clinic, within a GP surgery with NHS physiotherapy care and also receive referrals from all major insurance providers. This means our Physiotherapists treat a diverse and exciting variety of patients.

    The ideal Physiotherapist will be self-motivated, hardworking and organised, with a passion for providing high quality clinical care within our team.

    Applicants must be qualified for at least five years and ideally have three years of MSK experience. We have a well-established CPD programme available and excellent remuneration.

    You will be expected to use electronic notes and ideally we would require

    Qualification and registration as a chartered physiotherapist
    HCPC and CSP registration
    Flexibility towards work schedules and holiday cover
    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    Experience treating MSK conditions and sports injuries

    Qualification in Acupuncture and AACP registered

    Hours may be flexible on further discussion. Ideally, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

    Due to the requirements of this role and the responsibilities assigned to the post holder, successful applicants will undergo a screening process that will include an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure.

    For more information call 0118 976 7189. To apply please send CV to:

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