Samuele Marcora

Samuele Marcora Biography


Professor Samuele Marcora received his Bachelor in Physical Education from the State University of Milan (Italy). After serving in the Italian Army and working as fitness instructor, Professor Marcora studied for an MSc in Human Performance at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (USA), and for a PhD in Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of Wales-Bangor (UK). After a successful academic career at Bangor University, Professor Marcora began his post as Director of Research at the University of Kent at the end of 2010.

His current research combines exercise physiology with motivation psychology and cognitive neuroscience to investigate fatigue and endurance performance. The ultimate goal of this psychobiological research programme is to find new ways to improve performance of endurance athletes, and reduce physical and mental fatigue in a variety of populations. These populations include soldiers, motorbike riders, and patients affected by diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic kidney disease.

Professor Marcora's previous research includes research into the mechanisms, assessment and treatment of muscle wasting, and applied sports science research (e.g., football training and mountain biking). He had been consultant for the Italian Olympic Committee and MAPEI Sports Service.