Advertising Terms

physios in sport welcomes advertising from members and non-members. Courses, products and jobs may be advertised on physios in sport platforms as outlined below.

All queries should be sent to




Website £50 for a day course
£100 for a weekend course
£300 to cover a single course run multiple times throughout one calendar year
Mention on Facebook and Twitter Courses newly advertised on the website may be announced on Twitter and Facebook once, for no additional charge.



Website only Jobs - free of charge


Contacting members directly - this would apply to members, educational institutions and commercial companies.

Email to members £300
Within e-newsletter (published quarterly) £200
During conferences £100 for an insert into delegate pack


Advertising Conditions
Acceptance of adverts on physios in sport platforms does not imply that physios in sport endorses the product, service or institution. Advertisers should ensure advertising copy does not imply that it does.