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Members can access the IFSPT journal on line through the members section.

The Sports Physical Therapy Section (SPTS) created the North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy to address current physical therapy trends and practices to improve the care of the recreationally active individual.

It was designed as a benefit of membership for the Sports Physical Therapy Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. The first issue was released February 1, 2006. Beginning V4N1, the Journal became an online publication and all archives were posted on the NAJSPT website. Members and subscribers have immediate access to the publication and articles are available for purchase by non-members. Subscriptions are also available for non-members.

On January 1, 2011, the journal became the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, and serves as a benefit of membership for countries around the world. It is an official publication of the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT).

To gain access to the journal ACPSEM members should follow the instructions below. 


First visit http://www.spts.org




Click on the ‘login’ button on the upper right corner of the website then logging in by:

Inserting a username and password- 


Username is UKPT_followed by your ACPSEM number

Password is the member’s surname. First letter to be a capital and has to have a minimum of 5 figures e.g.Jones


If your surname has only

4 letters e.g.Hill - use the first letter of the forename HillJ (Jemma Hill)

3 letters e.g. Jon would have surname underscore then first letter of forename Jon_J (Jack Jon)

2 letters e.g. Ho would have surname underscore then first letter of forename Ho_Ma (Mary Ho)

Surnames with prefixes such as O’Leary would drop the apostrophe to become OLeary


All material is case sensitive


As an email address is required by US law for website access but UK privacy laws prohibit release of email addresses, the email address noemail@spts.org has been created for our members to overcome this and allow access.


Should members wish to purchase from the SPTS Store whey will simply need to change the email on their account profile (already set up with the email address above) to their correct email.


Should members require notification of email of Journal they should send their email address to mwilkinson@spts.org


Our point of contact at the federation is Mark Wilkinson who is happy to be contacted directly on the above address for any queries.