Price Guidelines

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine is pleased to inform you of the updated Acute Management of Soft Tissues Injuries - PRICE guidelines

The PRICE guidelines are presented within a 101 page document which:

•  Summarises evidence from over 250 research studies in this field.

•  Provides evidence based guidelines for acute soft tissue injury management.

•  The guidelines were developed through extensive systematic review and critical appraisal of original research and consensus from an expert group of clinicians and academics.

•  The process followed a systematic and transparent approach to the clinical guideline development (GRADE).

•  Is useful as a teaching tool/resource for student education.

•  Provide a useful resource for clinicians within the fields of musculoskeletal / sports medicine care.

•  Provide detailed practical information on the clinical application of PRICE.

•  Facilitates critical reflection on the pathophysiological rationale for using PRICE.

•  Provides stimulus for those interested in pursuing further scientific work within the field of acute soft tissue injury management.


Full Guidelines 

£15.00 (Members Only), or £20.00 (Non-Members) including postage and packaging within the UK

Mobile app via Sportex website

Executive Summary

Available for £6.00 including P&P within the UK